to descend, go down; to land (of a plane).

a mild imperative, indicating permission (when phrase final). តាមចិត្តចុះ! As you wish! តាមតែវាចុះ! Let him do as he will! ទៅចុះ! Go ahead! You may go! ប៉ុណ្ណឹងចុះ! That's enough! មកចុះ! Come, if you wish!

and how about...? (at the beginning of a phrase).

to move downwards, descend, go down, get down, dismount; get off / out of; to go downstream; (of rain) to fall; (of fog / mist) to appear; to flow, run; to decrease, diminish; to submit, give up, comply.

down (adverbial denoting movement downwards physically, in status or class, or in price); downstream

to register, sign; to make an entry, record; to formalize

to conduct, carry out (e.g. an investigation)

to relax; to release

and how about + NOUN?, as for + NOUN

hortatory final particle go ahead and ..., it's all right if (you) ..., feel free to ...

to be dated (with a calendrical date)

to work something out

to have diarrhea

tuber Northwest Cambodia

suggesting the ability to enter or pass through a narrow space

to use something in a wasteful manner; adv wastefully, extravagantly Surin