កក្កដា July
កណ្តឹង Bell
កន្លែង place, spot, region; depot.
កម្ពុជា Cambodia
កាហ្វេ Coffee
កុង Curved / Bent / Crooked
កុំ Don't
កើត Born
កែវ Cup
កោះ Island
កំដៅ Heat
កំណាព្យ Poem
កំណើត Birth
កំពុង Currently /
កំពូល Top
កំហឹង Anger / Rage
ក្នុង In / Inside
ក្រ Poor / Destitute
ក្រចក Finger or Toe Nails or Claws
ក្រអូប Sweet Smelling / Fragrant / Aromatic / Nice / Pleasant
ក្រុម Group
ក្រោយ Next / Behind / After / Future
ក្លាយជា Become
ក្លិន Odor / Smell
ខាងលើ Above
ខាំ Bite / Sting
ខឹង Angry / (of the penis) to be erect
ខុស Different / Wrong / Incorrect
ខែ Month
ខោអាវ Clothes
ខ្ញុំ I / Me / My
ខ្មែរ Khmer / Cambodian
ខ្យល់ Air / Wind
ខ្លះ some,
គាត់ he / him / his; she / her; they / them / their; you / your (intimate)
គឺ Is / Was / Are
គឺជា Is / Was / Are
គួរតែ Should
គ្នា Together / Mutually
គ្មាន Without
គ្រាន់តែ Just
គ្រូ Teacher / Instructor
គ្រូទាយ Fortune Teller
គ្រូពេទ្យ Doctor
គ្រួសារ Family / Spouse
គ្រោះ Accident / Misfortune / Danger
គ្រោះថ្នាក់ Accident / Danger / Risk
ឃ្លាន Hungry
ងូតទឹក Bathe
ចង់ Want
ចាញ់ Lose / Defeat
ចាប់ផ្តើម Begin
ចុង Last / End
ចុងសប្តាហ៍ Weekend
ចុះ to descend, go down; to land (of a plane).
ចូលចិត្ត Like / Prefer
ចំហ Open / Leave Open
ច្រើន Much / Many / Numerous / Very Much
ឆាប់ Quick / Fast / Prompt / Early / Short Of Time
ឆាប់ៗ Hurry Up!
ឆេះ Burning
ឆ្ងល់ Wonder
ឆ្ងាយ Far / Distance / Remote
ឆ្លងកាត់ Across / Crossing
ឆ្អឹង Bone
ជា Is / As / To Be
ជាង More Than / Beyond
ជាងគេ The Most / The ...-est
ជាន់ Floor
ជាមួយ With
ជិះ Ride
ជួបគ្នា Meet Together
ជួយ Help
ជឿ Belive / Trust
ជ្រុង Corner
ជ្រៅ deep, profound.
ឈប់ Stop / Pause / Cease
ឈ្នះ Win / Beat
ឈ្មេះ Name
ញ៉ាំ Eat / Drink / Consume
ដប Bottle
ដប់ Ten
ដល់ Arrived / Reached / Attained
ដុត Burn / Set Fire To
ដុល្លារ Dollar
ដុំ piece, block, chunk, part, group of; lump, tumor.
ដុះ Grow
ដូច Alike / Similar
ដូចជា As / Such As
ដើម First / Beginning / Original
ដើរ Walk
ដែរ also, too, likewise, in similar fashion.
ដែល Which / Who / Whom / Ever
ដៃ Hand
ដំឡូង Potato
ណា Which / Where / What
ណាស់ Very / Greatly
តាម to follow; to agree, to go along.
តិច A Little Bit / Few / Somewhat
តើ Clause initial interrogative marker occurring in fairly formal speech; it indicates that the following clause is a question, and may sometimes be translated by expressions like `Tell me ...?' or, in subordinate clauses, `if' or `whether'
តែ Only / Just / But / However
តោះ Let's / Let Us
ត្រង់ Straight
ត្រូវ Right / Correct / Exact / Must / Have To
ត្រូវការ Need / Require / Want
ត្រូវតែ Have To / Must / Should / Ought To
ថតរូប To (Take a) Photograph
ថា That
ថ្ងៃ Day / Daytime
ថ្នាក់ Dissatisfaction / Disappointment / Sadness / Grief / Sorrow / Danger
ថ្ម Rock / Stone
ទន្លេ River
ទាយ To Guess / Divine / Predict
ទិញ Buy
ទី Spot / Place / Location / Rank / Ordinal Number Particle
ទីក្រុង City
ទីនេះ Here
ទឹក Water
ទឹកតែ Tea
ទូក Boat
ទូរស័ព្ទ Phone
ទៀត Again / Still / More / Further / Yet / Additional
ទេ Negative / Inquisitive / Emphatic Particle
ទេសចរណ៍ Tourism
ទែន bedroom
ទៅ Go / To Go
ទៅក្រៅ To Go Out
ទំនេរ To Be Free / Unoccupied / vacant / Not Busy / At Leisure
ទ្រុង Cage
ទ្វារ Door
ធនាគារ bank, treasury.
ធម្មតា Usually
ធ្នូ bow; arc.
ធ្វើ Make
ធ្វើការ To Work
នរ Man / Person
នរា Man / Person
នាទី Minute
នឹង With / And / To / Of / About
នេះ This
នៅ Located
បក្សី Bird
បង្រៀន Teach / Instruct / Train
បង្អែម Dessert
បន្លែ Vegetable
បរិសុទ្ធ Pure
បាន To Get / Obtain / Be Able / Intend
បាយ Cooked Rice / Food / Meal
បាសាក់ The Bassac River
បុរាណ Ancient
បួស To Become a Monk / Be Ordained / Enter the Priesthood
ប៉ា Father
ប៉ុន្មាន How Much / How Many
ប្តី Husband
ប្រជាជន The People / The Masses
ប្រទេស Country
ប្រពន្ធ Wife
ប្រយោគ proposition, application, examination; phrase, sentence.
ប្រាប់ Tell
ប្រុស Man / Male
ប្រើ Use
ផង Also
ផ្កា Flower / To Flower or Blossom / Menstrual Period
ផ្ញើ For / To Send
ផ្ទះ House / Home / Residence
ផ្លូវ Road
ផ្សារ Market
ផ្សេង Different / Other
ពណ៌ Colour
ពី From / Of / About
ពុះ Boil
ពួកគេ They
ពេជ្រ Diamond
ពេល Time / Moment
ពេលក្រោយ Later / Next Time / At a Later Date
ព្រឹក Morning
ព្រៃ Jungle / Forest
ភរិយា Wife
ភាសា language; speech; voice; speaking.
ភ្លៀង Rain
ភ្លេច Forget
មាន To Have / Obtain / Possess
មិន Not / Negative Particle
មិនដែល Never
មិនសូវ Not Really / Not Very
មិនអីទេ I Doesn't Matter / No Problems / It Is Alright
មួយ One
មើល Look At / Watch / Examine / See
មេឃ Sky / Clouds / Weather
មែន Real / True / Correct
ម៉ូតូ Moto
ម្តងទៀត Again / Once More
ម្សិលមិញ Yesterday
ម្ហូប Meal / Food
ម្ហូបបួស Vegetarian Food
យប់ Night / Evening
យើង We / Us / Our; I / Me / My
រក To / For
របស់ Thing / Object / Belongs
រសៀល Afternoon
រាប To be flat, level, even, smooth
រួចរាល់ to finish, to complete.
រៀន Study / Learn / Practice
លក់ Sell
លុយ Money
លើ To be On / Over / Above / On Top
លេខ Number
លោក Man / Monk / You
ល្ងាច Evening
ល្ហើយ Refreshing / Cool
ល្អ Good / Well / Beautiful / Decent / Kind
វត្ថុ Things
វប្បធម៌ Culture
វា (Of Animals, Things, or Very Young Children) It
សង្ឃឹម Hope
សម្រប់ For
សម្ល Soup
សរសេរ Writing
សាក Try / Test
សារមន្ទីរ Museum
សិស្ស Student
សុទ្ធ Pure / Clean / Straigh / Correct / Unmixed
សុំទោស Sorry
សូម Please
សូរ Sound
សៀម Of or pertaining to Thailand, Siamese
សៀមរាប Siem Reap (a province in northwest Cambodia, where the ruins of Angkor are located)
សៀវភៅ Book
ស្ពាន Bridge
ស្រឡាញ់ Love
ហាង Shop
ហើយ Already / Finished / Completed
ហៅ To Call / Name / Order / Invite
ឡើង Up / Upwards / To Ascend
អគារ building, edifice, house.
អញ I, me, my. [superior addressing an inferior; close friends or relatives addressing one another.]
អត់ No / Not / To Be Without / Lacking
អនុញ្ញាត Authorise or Give Permission
អរគុណ Thank You
អាគារ owner of a house, landlord; laity.
អាច Capable / Able / Possible
អាន Read
អាយុ Age
អាហារ Food
អោយ In Order To / So That / To / For / On Behalf Of
អំពី From / About / Concerning
អ្នក You / Your / One
អ្នកណា Who / Whom / Someone / Anyone
ឥណ្ឌា India
ឥឡូវ Now / At this time
ឬស្សី Bamboo
To Hear / Be Heard
ឯកសារ Document / Message
ឲ្យ In Order To / So That / To / For / On Behalf Of
​កន្លែង place, spot, region; depot.
​ប្រជាជន the people, the masses, population.